Make reduced bets on soccer matches with three different methods


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Lc1X2 lets you make reduced bets on soccer matches, which is a way to maximize your chances of winning while you minimize the cost of your tickets.

From the base bets you make, Lc1X2 selects all the the matches that will be a part of the reduction process. This process is performed according to one of the application's three available methods (the Direct Method, the Likely Column Method, or the Sign Selection Method).

As you make your base bets and adjust different parameters, the application will display statistical data in real time, adjusting values according to your selections.

Once the reduction process is complete, you can check the results of the base bet, the reduced columns that have been generated, or the results of previous reductions (which are stored and indexed).

If you want to export the results, you can print your reduced bets on official tickets or on any other paper. You can even create a file with all your bets, and make them electronically without having to print tickets.

You can also print a base lottery ticket and add basic information about each reduction, as well as relations between your tickets.

Once you know the results of the winning column, you can check how many correct selections you have in each category, the monetary value of the prize, and the winning tickets.

You can print a limited number of tickets and use the software for no more than 20 minutes.

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